How do I apply my non-permanent Pacing Stickers?

Our Pacing Stickers are somewhat technical. Below are some additional guidelines:

  1. Set up your pacing plan by sticking the icons on the grid in advance
  2. At your final check of your materials before departure, stick the grid on your stem or top tube.
  3. Make sure the surface of your stem or top tube is clean.
  4. Check with your sticker that you have provided enough water bottles, gels and energy bars.
  5. Let's go!

Tip: Preparing the pacing plan a day before the race ensures mental peace on the night before the race. The Pacing Sticker is your reminder during the race.


When do I remove the Pacing Sticker from my bike?

We only offer non-permanent Pacing Stickers, which means they can be removed after you reach the finish line. We recommend you remove the Pacing Sticker immediately after the race as non-permanent stickers become permanent after 48h.


Why don't my Pacing Stickers stick?

All of our products are manufactured with the utmost care by our dedicated team. We are sorry to hear that your Pacing Stickers are coming off and we would like to help you so that we can find an appropriate solution.

Our Pacing Stickers are designed and manufactured to be weather proof (sun and rain resistant) and did not come off when tested at speeds up to 170km per hour on a vehicle.