Our story

Marginal gains are achieved by a lighter bike and aerodynamic socks. Great results are achieved by conserving forces until the moments you need them.

Whether you ride road bike, MTB, TT, gravel bike or perhaps have an Iron Man or Gran Fondo on the schedule, to get a good result, you need a pacing plan.

The old-fashioned tape on the handlebars gave us inspiration for a modern professional removable sticker.

Pacing Sticker is the reminder to assist your experience and feeling during the hard efforts in the long race.

From now on, prepare your personal nutrition plan in combination with race-specific elements such as cols, cobbles and feeding stations. Dividing up your race has never been easier with a Pacing Sticker on your handlebars or top tube.

The cyclist who loses minutes of time due to hunger pangs or even has to abandon the race completely is now a thing of the past.